Business Operations : A Company 's Bottom Line, But The Environment And Local Community Essay

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One of the cornerstones of corporate, social responsibility in the twenty-first century is developing and implementing sustainable operations that benefit not only a company’s bottom line, but the environment and local community. As learned in MGMT 326, Sustainable Operations, social responsibility and acting in an ethical manor is the number one priority of businesses in relation to their stakeholders. MGMT 326 stressed the importance of considering stakeholders, stakeholders are anyone who is affected by business operations. This goes beyond just workers and clients, it involves anyone who comes in contact with the company, most importantly the community. Carolina Ingredients has made substantial progress in conducting business operations that promote social responsibility. As learned in MGMT 326, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a distinguished certification given to buildings that demonstrate environmentally friendly innovation. With Carolina Ingredients becoming the first industrial seasoning manufacture in the nation to be awarded the building certification they have demonstrated they are taking social responsibility seriously. According to Doug Meyer-Cuno, the founder and CEO, the company has realized 5% of the company’s net profits from sustainable business practices (qtd. in Guidry & Peters 48). In addition, Carolina Ingredients has enacted social responsibility by earning numerous awards and certifications, such as the Certification of Safe
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