Business Operations And Administration Services

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My research of business operations and administration services in an inpatient skilled nursing facility expanded my knowledge of the responsibilities of an affective administrator. Although there are various business operations within the healthcare facilities, environmental services is critical for the aesthetics and maintenance of the facility. Therefore, I selected to research environmental services and how that department interfaces with administration services. However, environmental services does not have direct patient care contact, but without this service there would be no patients. Environmental services determines the aesthetics of the facility inside and outside. Consequently, environmental services has a lot of…show more content…
Housekeeping is responsible for keeping the inside of the facility clean. Their duties consists of cleaning patient’s rooms, common areas, and visitor’s bathrooms. The floor technicians are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the different floor types in all common area, ancillary departments, and the hallways. Floor care is very pertinent to the aesthetics of the facility. Therefore, all floors should be clean and free of offensive odors. Although floors are maintained around the clock, usually the floors are stripped and waxed during the night when there is less traffic. Environmental services and housekeeping is a business operation that has close scrutiny from administration. Henceforth, the lack of aesthetics inside and outside of the facility will not attract all types of families and patients. Although, environmental services does not provide direct patient care, there would be no patients without quality service from this business operation. In my research I mentioned that environmental services and housekeeping operates as one entity. Consequently, in my SLP module I chose to interview the manger and a housekeeping aide. I wanted to get insight from the personnel delegating, and the actual person performing the duties. Mr. Goralski is the environmental services manager, and services both environmental services and housekeeping. Mr. Goralski has been employed with the inpatient skilled nursing facility for over twenty
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