Business Or Technical Approach For Information Systems

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Business or technical approach
Laudon and Laudon (2015, p. 29) define the technical approach to information systems as “emphasizing mathematically based models to study information systems, as well as the physical technology and formal capabilities of these systems. The disciplines that contribute to the technical approach are computer science, management science, and operations research”. A+ Tutoring is not in a position to develop proprietary software in support of this business. The commercial availability of software and services that meet the needs of A+ Tutoring denotes that the company is utilizing the business approach to the solution though leveraging technological solutions.
Utilizing the business approach to the solution allows the company to optimize the benefits. Initially, the software utilized for the administrative needs and scheduling will only be minimally tailored. Namely, this will entail taking advantage of the unique domain and customization of the portal. As the company expands, the technological solutions will be adjusted and designed in such a way as to fit organizational and individual needs. Revisiting the technology will be a major portion of the business process management A+ Tutuoring will subscribe to as outlines below. This is an important process requiring consideration of each aspect of the business and ensuring the current technology meets the needs of the company.
Business process changes Business process management provides a…
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