Business Organization And The Management

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Introduction: Business organization and the management is a complex world on its own. The hierarchies, structure and the roles of each positions of the organization has its own duties and responsibilities. The theories of Organizational management have enlightened the world with the views and roles that define the organization system as a whole. It has highlighted the methods and terms of organizing. The business entities and the players are however sufficed with many moral and ethical problems. The companies face serious problems in regard to the relationship between the players namely the shareholders, managers and also the stakeholders of the company. The company facing such issue is Gurkha Development bank Nepal. It seemed that…show more content…
It will further analyze various literature perspectives of the two management issues and the implications of the theories application outline the limitations of the theory and lastly it will illustrate the relationship between the two organizational theories. Company Profile: Gurkha Development Bank (GDB) Many Bankers, Engineers, Businessman and other reputed personalities, initially promoted Gurkha Development Bank Limited. It "B" category licensed Financial Institution by Nepal Rastra Bank (National bank of Nepal) under the Banks and Financial Institution Act. It was established in 2007 as a regional level development bank but now have become a national level development bank after merger with Sidhnayak Merchant Finance Co. Ltd. The Bank has been offering a large number of tailored deposit and loan products along with remittance and guarantee services. The bank promises to entail Efficiency and high ethical standards of GDB and the reputation of the company is deeply rooted on quality in service delivery. Its objective includes Offering excellent client service, innovative products and value-added banking while developing with them a mutually beneficial association. Its objective also includes creating value for stockholders, which we will look upon as this essay moves forward. Theory Lenses and Relevance to GDB First chosen Organizational theory lenses is the Agency theory. The agency theory, from its roots in
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