Business Organization, Vocabulary, Ethics, And Management Essay

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This semester we have focused on four modules which consist of business organization, vocabulary, ethics, and management. In retrospect of all the content I have learned, the video does make a good point in that humanity needs to be considered and understood when analyzing the entire management in a business. Businesses thrive off positive work ethic, strong leadership, and efficient management. Without these factors, the business will lack strong productivity, teamwork, social responsibility, organization, and appeal to the consumer. Starting with strong management in a company determines a large factor of the prosperity of the business. A well-organized business is made up of an individual or a group of people working together to reach a certain commercial goal. (Small Business) One of the first steps in creating a business is finding the type of business best suitable for you. The three most common types of business are sole proprietorship, corporation, and limited liability company. The most common option for a business is to be a sole proprietor. This type of company has the least amount of paperwork upkeep. The gains and losses of the company become solely the owner’s responsibility. With a sole proprietorship, you do not have to differentiate yourself from your business instead you file the business taxes with your own. A corporation also separates the business from its owner therefore it can reduce liability. Double taxation makes this type of business more
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