Business Outside Of The United States

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Supply chain can be a challenge when doing business outside of the United States, especially in emerging markets such as the BRICS & MIST. Therefore we felt this was an important criterion in deciding what country to launch our product.
In 2014 Unilever invested 194 million dollars in its production facility in Nigeria. Their decision to invest in Lagos’s is no surprise, 99% of the imports and exports in Nigeria are done through seaports. The seaport is connected to freight trains, allowing companies to deliver their product faster and efficiently. However transporting packaged goods into Nigeria can serve as a challenge, because the canals are too narrow; which reduces the amount of goods that can be imported. Also transporting the goods to stores can serve as a challenge due to road conditions being poor and dangerous. If choosing to produce Gourmet Selects locally, it can pose a threat to our supply chain. Nigeria has been experiencing an outbreak of the bird flu, which has affected millions of chickens. This poses a threat to our supply chain because eggs are one of our main ingredients.
Unilever currently has three manufacturing plants in South Africa, located in Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg. The factories manufacture a range of personal care and food products, such as ice cream, tea, and margarine spread. The country’s logistic infrastructure and ports are very well developed; in fact, 98% of its imports come in through port terminals. The roads in…
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