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Business Overview and Description My business is an online company that designs, produces and sells professional fishing wear to the casual and professional fisherman. It is called tightlinestrout. My apparel is simple, yet interesting. Customers can buy the designs on both shirts and hats. The shirts are available in many sizes from toddler to XXXL. We offer a variety of colors and several different styles of shirts for both men and women. My products are advertised on social media, including my Instagram account. My Instagram account is called tightlinestrout. I have links in this account that directs clients to my website, Ordering information is on this website. Below is an example of a t-shirt that is…show more content…
They will be making my shirts so I don’t have to do the labor. It costs $7 to make each shirt. I only have to package up the shirts and send it out to whoever buys it. There will be no training involved since it isn’t really required. I have not actually estimated the sales, but the first year I will hope to make $8000, the second year $12,000, and the third year $15,000. My business will be different from the rest because I will strive to keep making better shirts for my customers and be sure to have fast delivery. I will also always be open to listen to my customer’s suggestions and to try to improve my company. Sales and Marketing My strategy for my shirts will be so mind boggling that it will blow your mind. I will find customers through Instagram and advertise through Instagram linked to my website. I will post solid HD photos of my t-shirts. I focus to only sell in the U.S. and Canada because shipping is too expensive elsewhere unless they pay for extra shipping. I will not use Amazon … just my website to sell the product. I will be selling this product straight to customers and not through retail sellers. I will ship the product using either USPS or UPS ground service. It will take 2-5 days to be delivered to the customer. I won’t be using sales representatives, distributors, or brokers. I won’t have to worry about freshness since it’s a t-shirt product. I will do most, if not all my advertising
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