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ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Module Title: Business to Business Marketing Module Code: MOD003055 Level: 5 Academic Year: 2012/13 Semester: Two Module Leader: Dr Jonathan Wilson (Cambridge) Instructions: Answer ALL questions. Word Limit: 3000 words In determining the text to be included within the maximum word limit please refer to Assessment Regulations 6.58 to 6.60. Written assignments must not exceed the specified maximum number of words. Regulation 6.59 states “excessive use of words beyond the stated word limit is reflected in the academic judgement of the piece of work which results in a lower mark being awarded for the piece of work.” Assignments will not be accepted without a word count on the cover…show more content…
Market segmentation is usually based on company size, geographical area and possible demand. Peter and Harvey are wary that the company only has a limited number of resources and at this stage it would be unrealistic to look at serving large multi-national companies, as well as internationalisation. The priority at this stage is to increase awareness and market share within its region. Organisational Structure SPSL is organised as follows: Product Although SPSL is essentially a service provider, it uses the services of one particular wholesaler to buy its products. These products meet health and safety regulations and help SPSL to meet their objectives in terms of quality and service. SPSL has used the services of its wholesaler – ‘ABC Plumbing Supplies’ since the company’s inception in 2000. The two firms have a good working relationship that looks set to continue in the short-term. Price The price SPSL charges depend on a number of factors. These include size of client, frequency of callouts, type of service required, and length of contract and business location. At present SPSL has a complex pricing system. The company tends to favour price negotiation when dealing with its clients, rather than promoting a rigid pricing policy. Peter and Harvey have found that negotiation is often preferred by existing and potential clients. In terms of pricing strategy, SPSL is priced towards the

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