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1.0 Corporate Overview: MRM Seating Company is a Tier 1 Supplier of full seat assemblies to OEM’s worldwide. Infrastructure to support global vehicle platforms include engineering centers around the world that create globally standardized products and processes for reduced costs, greater flexibility and consistent high quality. Collaboration tools link all our teams so they can act as one in support of our customers around the globe. MRM designs and manufactures interior seating products and systems for passenger cars and light trucks which include vans, pick-up trucks, and sport/crossover utility vehicles. The company also offers management services for automotive seat metal structures and mechanisms to better integrate the foam, trim &…show more content…
This effort captures consumer behaviors, identifies their preferences and ensures a successful product introduction for their future needs. Trend research identifies and monitors cultural & social trends that may become a customer “want”. Benchmarking & Consumer and market research provides insights that guide future strategies, products, technology & innovation. The technical design department of MRM uses state-of-the-art design development and visualization technologies that allow customers to view products virtually as if they were actually sitting in the vehicle. During this immersive event, Color and material harmony, which can sometimes be synonymous with a brand’s identity, can be applied in a virtual sense and reviewed. It’s important to note that craftsmanship is an important deliverable to perceived quality in all vehicle segments. 1.2 Engineering Early in the development process, MRM ensures all products are engineered and manufactured to the performance requirements of our customers. Robust, efficient designs essentially build on standardized core products. These products meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, and help OEM’s avoid additional costs, reduce risk and perform well-executed launches. Engineering capabilities include both component and system-level engineering for designing, testing and validating automotive seat foam, plastics, metals,
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