Business Overview: Speedy Bike Sales and Service

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Mentoring Overview "Leadership mentoring is the formal and informal social construction of professional performance expectations developed through the purposeful interactions between aspiring and practicing principals in the context of authentic practice. This interactive mentoring develops collegial relationships, fosters reciprocal learning between expert and novice, expands leadership capacity and creates a community of practice in which steadily improving role performance is the ultimate goal"(Browne-Ferrigno and Muth, 2006, p. 276). Mentoring focuses more on the informal role in which the mentor provides feedback to the student based on future career planning, interpersonal growth for future success. One-on-one mentoring has been documented as playing a significant in advancing leadership development capabilities in mentees. "[Managers] often motivate their students, unlock previously unrealized skills, and help them achieve world-class levels" (Arnove, 2010, p.47). Mentorship is a personal development teachers have with their students. Mentoring relationships are relatively easy to establish, but keeping the mentee motivated and letting them know long term it's a great transition into young adulthood. Mentoring leadership takes on a less formal, more psychological role, than management- even though it is possible to combine the two. Leaders challenge the process. Effective leaders challenge the normal process. That is not to say that they are always controversial.

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