Business Ownerships : An Owner Of A Business

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Business Ownerships Anytime you start up a business or you take over another company there are multiple things you must do to get started. One of the major things one must do is decide on what type of ownership you want. There are many different types of business ownerships out there, but some will benefit you more than others. In this paper you will be learning about the difference two types of business ownerships you can have. The main point of the paper is to help someone that’s going to become an owner of a business be able to do what’s best for not only them, but also what will be best for the business. Sole trader ship and partnership are the two best ownership because they will benefit the owner and business more by going by what the company stands for. There are two main types of ownerships: sole trader ship and partnerships. Some may say that the only difference in the two are that the business is either ran by one single person or by two or more people, but in reality there is a big difference. For example, a sole trader ships could be a business like a market stalls, hairdressers or corner shops; partnerships could be a business like a solicitors firms and accounting firms. Also, while deciding which ownership is right for the business you have to look at the over view of what type of business you’re getting into. Sole trader ships only financial income is from the business and/or bank loans (types of business structures). Partnerships can receive larger
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