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The Analysis of Leadership Case Problem A – The Global Insurance Tag Team Identify the teamwork problems that Calvin might be facing Calvin is the director of disaster insurance at a global insurance company and he has his own large department which located in New York. He is also the team leader of ten different representatives around the world. Each team member is responsible for encouraging the sales representatives in offices around the globe to sell disaster insurance. (Dubrin, 2010). Being a team leader of 10 different representatives, Calvin is facing teamwork problems of communication, organization and structural problem, as well as personnel issues. Firstly, his team member do not realize their roles or their lack of…show more content…
Also, he should maintain communications by phone, email and Skype more frequently to share team members’ sales information and progress. What might Calvin do to provide stronger leadership to his global team? Calvin could set up a goal which gives his team members a vision that their task is meaningful to tem and resonate with the value of each team member. Besides that, he would try to ensure that diversity in the team is understood, appreciated, and leveraged. These two strategies would inspire team members to contribute coordinated efforts. To encourage his team member perform better, Calvin could arrange one or two face-to-face meetings every year. Face to face meeting would be the best way for human interaction which enable Calvin receive feedback from his team members directly. Conclusion Calvin is the director of disaster insurance at a global insurance company and the team leader of 10 representatives around the world. He encountered some problems within his team including communication, organization and structural issues. His representatives are not well aware of their roles in their team. So Calvin should practice E-leadership to fix these problems and improve his team members' performance. References Chapter 9: Developing Teamwork [Powerpoint slides]. Cengage Learning (2010). Retrieved from
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