Business Plan: Brownies

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I. Nature of Business History A sweet chocolate dessert that has a history of different stories of origin but all pointing to being created around the mid 1800's. Brownies may have derived from chocolate cakes, becoming a denser and shorter version. Typically, a brownie is approximately 1 inch in height and since it is quite dense, it has a chewy texture that provides a very sweet flavor. There are a wide variety of different types of brownies made, all very similar in consistency and flavor. The first known recipe for brownies was published in the 1897 Sears, Roebuck Catalogue. The origin of the Brownie is thought to be American. It is classified as a bar cookie and is thought to derive its name from the brown color of the cookie.…show more content…
Brownies have plenty of competitors such as breads and other pastries. Preparation of brownies seems to be simple but it's not. One should be careful enough to put exact amount of every ingredient. Overmixing the ingredients can cause brownies to turn out tough or for a thin crust to form on top. Mix wet and dry ingredients just long enough to blend them, taking special care not to overbeat after the eggs are added. Also, time of cooking such should be considered. It's easy to be burned. Brownies aren't a low-fat treat. Besides the butter–as much as 8 ounces, or one full stick, per batch–there's the cocoa butter in the chocolate itself. And many tasters can't tell the difference! - Opportunities: Doing other kinds of brands of Brownies is a challenge to them of this kind of business. Many people love eating brownies during snacks and after every meal. Although this product has several competitors, still there are only few shops that produce brownies. - Treats: When customers do not buy anymore their product, they might found and tried another brand. So, we'll have to consider customer's preference to maintain our customers. Brownies from Bianca's are one of a kind delicious treats. With everything from corporate gifts, closing gifts to brownie gift baskets, you'll find a treat that will delight you and put you in brownie heaven with each luscious bite. Bianca's Brownies also offer brownies for
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