Business Plan Capstone

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A. Executive Summary 4 A1. Company Identification 4 A2. Mission of the Company 4 A3. Business Goals 4 A4. Keys to Success 5 B. Company Summary 5 B1. Industry History 5 B2. Legal Form of Ownership 6 B3. Location and Facilities 6 B4. Management Structure 7 B5. Products and Services 8 C. Market Analysis 8 C1. Target Market 8 C2. Industry Analysis 9 C3. SWOT Analysis 10 D. Market Strategy 12 D1. 4Ps 12 D2. Price List 13 D3. Promotional Strategy 14 D4. Sales Forecast 14 E. Implementation Strategy 17 E1. Overall Strategy 17 E2. Monitoring Plan 17 F. Financial Statements and Projections 18 F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate……………………………………………………………….18 F1. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement 18 F2. Forecasted…show more content…
The cart will be supplied with local food from our local farms and local bakers ensuring we have the best products to sell. It is our intention to ensure our food is the freshest by using local farm to market food as well as keeping the prices low. Making money is why we are in business. For us to make money it will be necessary to have repeat customers which will keep our business thriving. Using social media will let our customers know where we are on a given day. Social media works both ways, our customers can contact us on social media such as facebook to find out where we might be over a weekend. This will help us reach the goals of repeat business in the Portland/Vancouver area. We are hoping by the use of social media, using farm fresh produce for our food and keeping our prices at a reasonable rate that our customers will come back to us time and time again to enjoy delicious, healthy, and freshly made vegetarian and vegan food that customers will enjoy and seek out at local events in the area. A4. Keys to Success: Our plan will be to produce the same menu week after week. However, customer feedback is very important for our success. Customers will have an important part of what is on the menu. Partnering with the finest farmers in the Northwest for our produce will play a big part in keeping our final product tasting good each and every time. Customers will come to count on the tasty food we generate each and every time they eat with Vegetarian Delight.
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