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Strategic Management Case Cardinal Health Inc. by Developed for Study Assignment Purposes for MBA Course at American Military University BUSN 620 Strategic Management Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care focus on patient care 1 Disclaimer and Material Purpose Material Purpose: This document and all of the materials contained within are strictly for study assignment purposes to fulfill MBA course BUSN 620 Strategic Management on August 01, 2011-September 25, 2011 requirements. Disclaimer: This strategic management case study plan for Cardinal Health Inc. was developed by the student using course learning resources, outside sources, and other relevant miscellaneous data and facts. The materials…show more content…
By 2006 there were only three major health care distributors, Cardinal, Amerisource, and McKesson, all offering the same products and services (Pearce, 2011). But, Cardinal stood far apart from its competition because a larger percentage of their overall operating income came from non-distribution activities. Their portfolio was diversified into distributing pharmaceuticals, packaging them, providing devices to hospitals that automate dispensing of drugs through their Pyxis subsidiary and providing pharmacy services through Medicine Shoppe (Pearce, 2011). Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus on patient care 6 Key Dates and Timelines Date Acquisition 1971 Robert Walter acquires Monarch Foods in leveraged buyout 1980 Walter acquires drug distributor in Zanesville, Ohio 1983 Company goes public as Cardinal Distribution 1988 Walter sells food group to Roundy’s Inc. 1991 Cardinal’s revenues exceed $1 billion 1994 Cardinal acquires Whitmore Distribution and Medical Strategies; company name change to Cardinal Health 1995 Cardinal acquires Medicine Shoppe International 1996 Cardinal acquires Pysix and PCI Services, Inc. 1997 Cardinal acquires Owen Healthcare Inc. 1998 FTC blocks Cardinal’s purchase of Burgen Brunswig; Cardinal acquires R. P. Scherer 1999 Cardinal acquires Allegiance 2000 Cardinal acquires Bergen Brunswig Medical Corp.; Cardinal established and

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