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MANHATTAN BUILDING-DORMITORY NUEVA STREET, BINONDO MANILA BUSINESS PLAN Prepared by: Shane Martinez MANHATTAN BUILDING – DORMITORY NUEVA STREET, BINONDO MANILA BUSINESS PLAN 1. Executive Summary 1.0 Executive Summary Manhattan Building-Dormitory will offer benchmarked rental rooms and commercial units for the Universities of Intramuros Area and Binondo Area. The Building-Dormitory will balance safety, convenience, affordable price and a positive atmosphere for all tenants. These rentals will be provided with unmatched levels of customer service and attention. Gross Sales are projected to be Php _______________ in year one growing to Php _______________ in year three. The Market…show more content…
Once the building is already awarded to Manhattan Building-Dormitory Operators, a major renovation will be 2ND Page of Manhattan Building-Dormitory Business Plan… implemented ensuring a safe, convenient and hygienic environment for future tenants. 1.1 Objectives 1. Gross Sales of Php _______________ in year one and Php _______________ by the end of year five. 2. Gross Operating Expenses of Php _______________ in year one and Php _______________ by the end of year five. 3. Net Profit / Sales to be positive by the _____ year. See attached ANNEX “C”-Five (5) Years Projection Graph, Gross Sales, Gross Operating Expenses and Net Profit / Net Sales 1.2 Mission Manhattan Building-Dormitory will provide affordable and comfortable rental rooms and rental bed spaces in Binondo Area. The Building – Dormitory is dedicated to a hassle free living environment in which our tenants can enjoy all the benefits of safe, clean, all-in building-dormitory services (canteen, laundry shop, internet café or business center, etc.) at a very affordable living experience. The Building-Dormitory primary objective is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction that is achievable. Tenant safety, comfort and value for money are the main goals of the Manhattan Building-Dormitory Operators. Manhattan Building-Dormitory will maintain competitive market prices, while

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