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Haircare Accents Three-Year Business Plan 2004-2006 Table of Contents: Executive Summary________________________________________ Pg. 2 Purpose Statement_________________________________________ Pg. 3 Company Goals____________________________________________ Pg. 3 Business Description _______________________________________ Pg. 4 Business History___________________________________________ Pg. 5 Services__________________________________________________ Pg. 7 Fashion Products______________________________________ Pg. 7 Display Systems_______________________________________ Pg. 7 Educational Services____________________________________ Pg. 7 Industry Analysis___________________________________________ Pg. 9 Salon…show more content…
Because we are in tune with the pulse of the fashion industry, we provide our accounts with the latest and most popular merchandise. We aim to be the regional leader by providing great products at the right prices. Our goal is moderate growth and annual profitability, by bring beautiful accessories to the Pacific Northwest.” Products and Services: Haircare Accents is the only wholesaler of fashion jewelry and accessories that service salons with a three-pronged system of providing the products, display systems and educational courses needed to be an effective retailer. We also provide that latest and most up to date fashion accessories at very affordable prices. Marketing and Sales Strategy: Haircare Accents differentiates itself from other wholesalers by focuses on wholesaling to beauty salons and catering to their specific needs. We offer multi-channel service by way of trade shows, a website, in-salon showings, a Seattle showroom, and phone ordering. (See Marketing Section) Competition: There are many wholesalers of fashion jewelry and accessories in United States, but there are only a handful that choose to target Hair Salons. We are the second largest wholesaler of fashion jewelry and accessories to Salons in the Pacific Northwest, and the only that focuses specifically on beauty salons (the beauty salon industry

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