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UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE BSB60407- ADVANCED DIPLOMA OF MANAGEMENT BSBMGT617A- DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT A BUSINESS PLAN ASSESSMENT TASK 1- ANALYSE A BUSINESS PLAN STUDENT NAME: MA. REBECCA M. BEREDO STUDENT ID: UIC0159 Compare and Contrast the business plan of the quality training business plan and gallery/coffee. BUSINESS PLAN 1 Areas | The quality training business plan | Objective | The company objectives of quality training are: a) To provide complete financial projection of plan year b) To present a written document for the management of the development business and training c) The participants of this business plan includes the company owners and the representatives from the State Training Authority |…show more content…
Quality Training is a Pty Ltd Company with two directors who manage and own the company | Company ownership | Quality Training Company is owned by Michael Chapman and Elliot Berkley. The profit and loss statement for the end of financial year 2005 is attached. | Company locations and facilities | It is a home office business, which is located in the study area of the owners’ existing home. They have computer and laptop with internet access, telephone and mobile phone for the directors, data projector and utilities provided for are to be charged to the business as a percentage of home usage. | Services | National recognised qualifications 1. Certificate IV in Business 2. Certificate II in Retail Operations 3. Certificate III in Retail Supervision 4. WorkCover OHS Committee TrainingStand-alone 1. Manual Handling 2. Presentation Skills 3. Time Management 4. Selling Skills 5. Customer Service | Competitive comparison | There are three classes of competition that have been identified by Quality Training. First, In-house training departments/personnel employed by bigger businesses that can pay the fixed costs of staffs. Second, Public training providers offering public courses and qualifications in a wide range of subject matters. Last, Private registered training organisations providing similar training and qualifications to Quality Training, and targeting the same customer base. | Analysis of competitors | The Quality Training does not

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