Business Plan

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Business Plan
What is Blueberry Nights?
Type: bar and restaurant for young people
Category: II. class
Service method: plate service
Menu type: A’la Carte
Opening hours:
Sunday to Wednesday 10:00-22:00
Thursday to Saturday 13:00-05:00
No day off
Target market: students, tourists and residents
Location: Budapest, Margit körút
Few steps from Margaret Island
Easy to reach by tram
Seating capacity: 120 (80+40) 1st floor: kitchen area, 80 seated restaurant, bar, armchairs, dance ground, toilet 2nd floor: private saloon for groups max 40, bar, music box, toilet
Staff: 3 Managers, 1 Chef, 1 Assitant Kitchen Cheff, 2 Cooks, 2 Kitchen Maids, 2 Dishwashers, 6 Waiters, 4 Cleaning staff, 2 Bartenders

Step 1-
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Our restaurant is equiped with the latest design and its suficient for the latest trends.

Market Outlook
The market in this area is always growing becouse people need good clubs and restaurants in the Buda side as well, so with a good quality and well designed restaurant we can be in a really good position in the maket. There are more and more costumers who willing this but only nowadays restaurants realized that opening a restaurant in Buda is as much favorable than in Pest.
Competitor Product Summary
In the neighberhood of the restaurant competitors are try to generate more clients with discounts,special events and business menus. They offer lunch meni every Monday to Friday for a really low price that generate more costumers. They provide happy hour for drinks when the sell the drinks for a lower price and special events when there is a discount for some drinks and there are other additional benefits for the costumers. They also offer promotions for foods and drinks as well.

Niche Orientated Positioning and Targeting
Niche oriented for the middle age and young generation
The prices and the type of the drinks/foods are sufficient
Good quality food for a normal price
The design is casual/ elegant
Quality products for an affordable price
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SWOT Analysis
Well-trained staff
Clean and tidy
Cheaper than our competitors

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