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12/20/2012 | by Ana Simsive | | used car parts and accessories import to Georgia, | Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 1.1 Mission statement 4 1.2 Company vision 4 1.3 Goals and Objectives 5 1.4 Keys to Success 5 2. Brief history of business 6 2.1 Definition of the market 6 2.1 Critical needs of market and Risk 7 3. General profile of targeted clients 8 3.1 Description of products and services 9 3.2 Competitive edge 10 4. Management and organization 11 5. Marketing Strategy 12 5.1 Web Plan Summary 13 5.2 Website Marketing Strategy 13 6. Sales Forecast 14 6.1 Pricing Strategy 14 6.2 Important Assumptions 15 7. Start-up Summary 15 7.1 Start up requirement Expenses 15 7.2 Company…show more content…
1.4 Keys to Success To obtain successful business we must put together a team of experienced professionals, secure a brilliant high-traffic location, also set up a network of suppliers, in order to buy and sell products that are of the maximum quality reliability with competitive price. Guarantee customer satisfaction by encouraging the two most key principles, honor and integrity. Build high morale by rewarding employee achievement with monetary compensation. sl2 5qy 2. Brief history of business 2.1 Definition of the market Demand for replacement parts became apparent in the early years of the automotive industry. Even though those manufacturers usually supplied parts for their vehicles through franchised distributors, many car producers did not stay alive the early decades of the twentieth century, therefore leaving behind "orphan" vehicles that eventually needed alternate parts that no manufacturer was making. Replacement parts became available through two channels. Some companies obtained drawings, tracings and blueprints for parts from bankrupt manufacturers in order to construct replacement parts. Others obtained parts from broken-down vehicles and reconditioned them for resale. Very interesting article was written in wall street journal, by Joseph. B. 2011, which tells the major increase of exports in Georgia, it rose by 40% in 2011, compared to the previous year. According to the Geostat Georgia’s

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