Business Plan For A Airasia Berhad

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AirAsia STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN THT 3107 Qian Hui Lim 408021 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary Section Page 1. The Business Plan Overview 2. Market Analysis 3. Products 4. Marketing 5. Stakeholder Relationships and Alliances 6. Organisational and Management 7. Environmental and Social Impacts 8. Risk Factors and Regulatory Compliance 9. Corporate Governance 10. Financials 11. Strategic Action Plan 12. Plan Improvement Appendices: 1. 2. 3. 1. Business Plan Overview The purpose of generating this business plan is to improve the AirAsia Berhad in the provision of air transportation services to find marketing opportunity more effectively, understand the needs and wants of each target segment. AirAsia is the Malaysia…show more content…
AirAsia officially put in operation for two years, not only to pay off the debt, but also made a profit. Up to now, a total of 192 domestic and international routes, covering more than 20 countries (AirAsia Berhad,2014). AirAsia has been committed to a low-cost flight to new heights, so that "now everyone can fly" mission becomes a reality for six consecutive years and they also keep pursuing their vision, "the world 's best low cost airline" along with the goal "decrease fuel and oil cost per available seat per kilometer" (AirAsia, 2014). 2.2 Goals and Objectives The goals of AirAsia Berhad is to provide a shorter turnaround time, cost-saving innovation and reform, safety first along with the objective of cost optimization. A basic service customer base is needed n order to locked passenger flight services to low fares in return, to honor "everyone can fly" commitment. AirAsia will baggage on board catering, seat selection and other personalization options become, tickets do not include these services, passengers need to be able to select the desired service in accordance with the needs of individuals (RIDING THE BOOM IN LOW-COST TRAVEL, 2010). AirAsia is committed to maximizing profits, provide cheap services. Faster return flight through time, improve the utilization efficiency of aircraft and service personnel to provide essential services only, using the same type of aircraft to save training costs in order to achieve cost
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