Business Plan For A Business

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Business Plan Buiness model in theory and practice according to Wikipedia is used for a broad range of informal and forma l descriptions to represent the core aspects of a business, including the purposes of that business, its process, target customers, of ferings, strategies , infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practice, and operational processes and policies . Below, we would look at two kinds of business model (franchise and tradition al business) , their pros and cons, o r their advantages and disadvantages, and then choose between the two , the one we think is in line with our thinking and believes According to 's weighing the pros and cons of franchising vs. traditional business, making t he decision to go into business for oneself is a major life decision. One path is to go it alone by starting your own business o r buy a business that is already functioning. Another path is to choose the franchising model and buy into a business that is al ready proven with a name recognition. According to , both paths of business systems have their promises as well as perils. After making a choice of starting a business, the question that aris es is what type of business one needs to choose. Passion and enthusiasm according to According to are the main tenets in steering a business from start up to success. While from the outside, a potential busines s owner might visualize the easiness by which a business is run, the

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