Business Plan For A Business

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Starting a business can be very difficult. It can often take an immense amount of start-up funds that new entrepreneurs don’t have. However, based on the point in someone’s life at which they want to begin a business endeavor, their credit score may not allow for approval of certain loans or funds. Therefore, a new company, ZipCap, has started an innovative approach to borrowing funds for small business owners. For ZipCap, “The aim is to offer small retailers like restaurants, boutiques and service providers access to low-interest loans financed by investors with a vested interest in supporting a local economy (Cowley).” For many small business owners, they often fail before they can even get through their first sales quarter due to unexpected costs and lack of funds. ZipCap aims to fix this problem. A San Francisco based company, operating all across the country however, appeals to the mom and pop shop that gets doors slammed in their face by big banks. ZipCap aims to be just as much as a pivotal member in the community as the local business it is helping is as well. As ZipCap itself is also in its infancy, its first ‘guinea pig’ company is Beezy’s Café in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Open for six years, while Beezy’s has much acclaimed around the local community; to banks it is an immense liability. It isn’t immensely profitable; its owner has no collateral or property to own (including the actual restaurant which is leased). However, these are not red flags for

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