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Business Proposal Business Idea The business sells healthy diet for 3 times of the day. Customers get the food delived at their place each morning before 8 am in the morning. The objective is to provide quality healthy food to the working urban customers. The main to sections of the business is the food preparation and food delivery. We have identified 3 main keys to our success. The first is our unique value-for-money product line. The second will be a focus on superior customer service and education, The third will be employee retention through training and internal promotion. Market Size and growth perspective There are only a few competitors in the market. The target customer size is .1% of working population of 439,172 which is 220…show more content…
Strategy and Implementation Summary Meal@YourHome fresh cooked foods will penetrate the commuter and captive consumer markets by setting up stores in highly visible and accessible locations. With the proliferation of coffee and fast-food chains across America, customers expect product consistency. Although our unique products will initially captivate a curious market and compete on a consistency level, it will be our fast and cheerful customer service that will differentiate us from competitors and keep our customers returning. Meal@YourHome fresh cooked foods has identified its market as busy, mobile people whose time is already at a premium. This market desires exciting, new-tasting products with familiar ingredients for lunch time or while commuting to or from work or school. Competitive Edge Meal@YourHome fresh cooked foods ' unique products and focus on the customers experience will give it a significant market edge and differentiate the company from its competitors. The company has several distinct advantages over its two leading competitors; its authentic products, modern baking and presentation
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