Business Plan For A Company

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1 Agree/Disagree: The more a company tries to take care of the community and the environment, the better it will perform financially. I agree that a company will perform better financially if they try to take care of the community and the environment because it can promote respect and a good reputation, attract and retain talented employees, and save money by increasing efficiency. Companies are under scrutiny from consumers and from the government and CSR initiatives are expected from companies. Investing in CSR will gain respect from people and consumers will be more likely to support companies who show that they care about issues they care about. Employees can defend the company to local communities and in the media and give the company good exposure by talking about their CSR activities. A good reputation can lead to higher sales and can attract new customers. Companies can attract talented employees by offering them a company that they can identify with and that shares their views on being a benefit society. This identification with the company will create an emotional attachment to the company. Employee loyalty will increase and they will want to remain with the organization and the company will save money due to decreasing employee turnover. An example of this would be Market Basket. The employees believe that the company is serving the community by providing jobs and economic growth, supporting local farms and vendors, and providing the best prices for

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