Business Plan For A Hotel Manager Of The Portland Harbor Hotel

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When searching for accommodations for an upcoming trip, customers are not just looking for four walls and a bed. Instead, their looking for a great experience. Large hotel company 's such as Marriott, Hilton, and Intercontinental have made their mark in the lodging industry by providing guests with a wide range of different brands, ranging from luxury to economy. They aimed for consistency. A Hilton Garden Inn in San Diego should feel the same as a Garden Inn in Wisconsin. This provides guests with familiarity, and assures guests that no matter where they are, or what brand they choose, each location will provide the same level of service and satisfaction. Independently owned boutique hotels offer something different, uniqueness. Not having the backing of a large brand like a Hilton comes with its challenges, but it also comes with the freedom to do whatever it takes to provide a one of a kind experience. I sat down with Gerard Kiladjian, general manager of the Portland Harbor Hotel, located in downtown Portland, Maine. We discussed his role as general manager in the day to day operations of the 104 room boutique hotel. Just in downtown Portland there are nine hotels, the Portland Harbor is one of only two independent boutique hotels alongside the Regency Hotel and Spa. I learned that Gerard along with other GM’s of independent properties have far more on their plates compared to general manager of a flagship hotel. To be a more in depth, flagship hotels are properties

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