Business Plan For A New Company

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Introduction – Denise’s Scrapping with Style Final Business Plan
This paper will provide a final business plan for a new company; Denise’s Scrapping with Style (DSS). First, this paper will provide an executive summary for this business plan justifying: a clear and concise business concept; a thoroughly planned business concept; a capable management structure; a clear-cut market need, as well as significant competitive advantages for DSS; realistic financial projections; a definition of the excellent chance the investors will have to make money; and a realistic and developed exit plan. Next, it will revise the company description based on feedback received to date. Further, this paper will review the industry analysis and trends section grounded also on pointers received from other professionals. Also, it will revamp the target market section based on advice as well. Additionally, this paper will amend the competition section centered on feedback received to date. Next, it will modify the strategic position and risk assessment section centered on valued opinions received thus far. Further, this paper will change, as needed, the marketing plan and sales strategy section based on the comments received so far. Also, it will refine its draft DSS operations and technology plans. Additionally, this paper will finalize the management and organization plans for this company. Next, it will polish the ethics and social responsibility plan and the ways in which this

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