Business Plan For A New Company

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Introduction – Denise’s Scrapping with Style Draft Business Plan This paper will provide a draft business for a new company; Denise’s Scrapping with Style (DSS). First, this paper will revise the company description based on feedback received to date. Next, it will review the industry analysis and trends section base also on pointers received from other professionals. Further, this paper will modify the strategic position and risk assessment section based on valued opinions received thus far. Also, it will revamp the target market section based on advice as well. Next, this paper will amend the competition section based on feedback received to date. Further, it will revise the marketing plan and sales strategy section based on the comments received so far. Also, this paper will develop an ethics and social responsibility plan that will describe the ways in which this company is committed to being a good corporate citizen. Next, it will discuss how this company’s activities will affect the environment and steps it will take to mitigate any negative effects. Further, this paper will determine any health issues/claims related to the scrapbooks we are producing, and whether they are positive or negative. Also, it will suggest the strategy the company will use to mitigate any negative issues and ensure any positive claims are true. Finally, this paper will suggest a company plan, through advertising, distribution, and other methods to target and reach only appropriate

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