Business Plan For A Publishing Company

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Introduction This proposal is created for a publishing company producing printing goods using offset printing presses. This company 's scope includes finding new clients, acquiring job orders, creating and editing working art files, creating press-ready PDFs, ripping the press ready PDF files to create flat TIF files, creating plates to use on offset presses, printing the jobs on offset presses, bindery work that includes cutting, folding, binding, stitching, schrink-wrapping and boxing, shipping, accounting and purchasing. The company employees 50 people which includes General Manager, five Sales Representatives and Sales Department Manager, three Purchase Specialists and Purchasing Department Manager, five Prepress Operators and Prepress Manager, three Creative Designers, two IT Technicians, three Billing and Accounting Clerks, CSR Representative, Press Operations Manager, two Press Operations Supervisors and ten Press Operators divided into two shifts, Bindery Manager, two Cutter Operators divided into two shifts, two Stitcher Operators divided into two shifts, two Folder Operators divided into two shifts and two Shipping Specialists. The company is located on one floor of a single story dwelling with one wall dividing the production space from the office space. These two rooms don 't have any additional walls. There are only pillars holding up the roof. Office space is divided into single glass cubicles. There is no separate secure server room in the company and the

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