Business Plan For A Restaurant Business

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1. Executive Summary:
The Moonlight restaurant is a fine dining restaurant with approximately 55 seats and will be located at Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. This restaurant mostly designs as a cultural and traditional point of view and aims to explore the cultural aspects of the country. The growing trend of Nepali cuisine and its popularity among different group of people inspire me to think about the establishment of restaurant business in Kathmandu. Kathmandu city is one of the populated and developed cities of the country. Similarly, it is very popular tourist destination receiving thousands of tourists each year. In this regard, restaurant business will be profitable business here. The restaurant aims to provide quality food to the customers and satisfy their needs and demands. The following business plan will explain about the detail explanation of the business, its model, strategy, design and other various financial and economic strategies.

2. Business Concept: Nowadays the restaurant business in Nepal especially in Kathmandu is very popular and it is a fast developing business (World Travel Guide, 2014). Every year amount of new restaurants keeps growing and its market is yet not full enough to fulfill the customer demand. I am also planning to establish my own restaurant in Kathmandu, therefore I am very interested in choosing my option for my thesis knowledge and skill that I am planning to prepare my thesis on restaurant which is very important and will be…
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