Business Plan For A Small Single Cafe Business

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Business 1 to invest in:
Name: Jamaica Blue
Location: Joondalup Sopping Centre
Type of business: Franchise Café
Why it might suit your friend: Secure business, ideal for first time business owner as franchisor provides assistance. Can borrow 50% which means borrowings are tax deductible.

Business 2 to invest in:
Name: Junior Sports
Location: Joondalup Sport Centre
Type of business: Group activity sport business; children and parents.
Why it might suit your friend: Easy to operate, fun business – profitable opportunity to expand in WA + Nationally.

Business 1 to Start Up:
Name: Joe’s Cafe
Location: Joondalup
Type of business: Cafe
Why it might suit your friend: It offers him the opportunity to start fresh in a big centre. It will
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These could be small cafés to sport shops. Anything larger and it could be hard to control. Business’s that are not allowed to be run under a soul trader are banks, building societies and insurance firms. To be a soul trader you usually need a license and qualifications.

Partnership- a partnership is a company run by a couple of people. This means a minimum of 2 people owning the business, max of 20. This is usually achieved when a business is so big it needs more than one person to run. You can have professional partnerships which are lawyers and accountants that can go up to 100 people. With a partnership it is good because you can have more people to share the work load. You and your partners are able to pay tax on the income obtained through the business. A partnership is able to offer a lot bigger range of information, expertise and experience. Although all of that is great there is the disadvantages. A partnership is not able to to have public capital. The liabilities are endless. A lack of complete control. Shared decisions in the company come down to majority rules.

Small proprietary company- A small proprietary company is created when 2 of three of these conditions are met: consolidated revenue for the financial year is less than $25 million; value of consolidated gross assets at the end of the financial year is less than $12.5 million; the company has less than 50 employees.
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