Business Plan For Fast Food Restaurants

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McDonalds began in 1937 as a single drive- in hamburger stand in Pasadena, California and has since then developed into the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. They have become a model or even, a standard for other businesses and corporations not limited to fast food. They have a unique business model that sets them apart from the rest which they call the “three-legged stool”. This “stool” is composed of the franchises, Employees, and suppliers which all work together to help the company remain strong and sturdy. Their most recent revamping of the company occurred in the spring of 2003 which they named, the Plan to Win. This operating plan focuses around improving the “five P’s”- People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion. This plan is still in effect and is intended for growth and expansion. In this paper I will analyze the extent to which the plan has achieved this goal, and how the plan has found its way into other large corporations and influenced them as well. whether or it will be substantial or relevant enough in today’s society to continue to do what it was put in place to do or in need of revamping.
Before the Plan to Win First, let’s exhibit McDonalds before the implementation of the Plan to Win. From the beginning, the founders of McDonalds, Mac and Dick McDonald, broke the status quo of their time; creating a restaurant based on speed, larger quantities, and low cost. They ridded of traditional restaurant techniques which…
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