Business Plan For Harvard Business School

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Henry Tam enthusiastically joined the MGI team, he thought of himself to be a valuable asset. After attending the first few meetings, Henry realized how unorganized and dysfunctional the team was. Some of the issues at MGI were lack of cohesiveness, leadership, communication, and an ethnic superiority complex. The team is not working well with each other and struggling with personality conflicts’. I will provide an in-depth analysis and recommend actions the MGI team can take to remedy some of the issues they are experiencing
Case Synopsis
Harvard business school has launched the HBS Business Plan Contest for its sixth year. Henry Tam a second year MBA student at Harvard was looking for a business opportunity to join the contest and came across MGI’s ad. Henry’s initial meeting was with Igor T, a Russian musician who founded the company. In this initial meeting Henry learned about the founding members and the product. As the team continued to meet, the group got larger totaling seven interns and company cofounders. The team members came together to create a business plan that would be presented to a group of experts and venture capitalist. Winners and runner-ups would have the opportunity to win over $60,000.00 in prizes. The intent behind the contest is to provide students with real experiences and perhaps real business opportunities. The MGI team consisted of the following member’s:
The co-founders of MGI: (1) Igor Tkachenko, (2) Roman Yakub, and (3) Alexander…
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