Business Plan For Mkc Technologies

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BUSINESS PLAN FOR MKC TECHNOLOGIES (TV) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MKC Technologies is a small business unit which produces and supplies television which is aimed at maintaining customer’s interest by providing quality product with a competitive price in the market. It has few key factors to maintain its sustainability, which are selling meaningful product by implementing strict financial control and ensure full customer satisfaction. The company’s prominence in the past couple years has been on encouraging innovation and integration. We always give importance to the sound quality and to have a better viewing experience for the televisions that we are selling. We provide specialized production on a wide range of projects, depending upon the client 's needs. We will put as much as prominence as possible in providing the sleek design and an ultra-thin panel for our products. Our operations manual is a business system designed to produce the maximum number televisions per month while maintaining a stable standard for quality. Using this system, and production business plan, we will generate the revenue needed to allow us flexibility in accepting other projects more commonly associated with the production. There is a market demand of 10000 units for our product and is growing at a rate of 22% annually. By taking advantage of this boom market for its recent growth in sales and profitability. Sales are projected to grow from the first quarter of Year 1 total of $1,500,000 to $6 million

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