Business Plan For Montebello Inn

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Montebello Inn.

Business Plan
Presented to:

Dr. Paul Wilson

May 2015

Carlos Portillo.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. General Business Description
2.1 Description of the product/service
2.2 Industry background
2.3 SIC and NAICS Codes
2.4 Company location and facilities
2.5 Litmus test
2.6 Goals and objectives

3. Marketing Analysis and Strategy
3.1. Target market and market segmentation
3.2. Competition
3.3. Pricing strategy
3.4. Promotion strategy
3.5. Marketing tools

4. Operations and Support
4.1. Quality Targets
4.2. Technology and equipment requirements
4.3. Service support

5. Management Team
5.1. Experience and expertise
5.2. Organizational structure
5.3. Culture
5.4. Intellectual property rights

6. Financial Plans and Projections
6.1. Company Ownership
6.2. Income Statements and Balance Sheets
6.3. Breakeven Analysis
6.4. Funding Needs and Sources

7. Risks and Opportunities
7.1. Possible Problems and Risks
7.2. Exit/Harvest Strategy

8. Appendix
8.1. Detailed Financial Forecasts

1. Executive Summary

Hotel y Cabañas Montebello Inn is a hotel and restaurant located in Mexico´s second most important touristic point, Creel, Chihuahua, which is located right next to The Copper Canyon, whose magnitude is four times that of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The hotel can host up to 150 guests and its restaurant can host up to 130 guests. It offers lodging, food service, and tours to the several attractions that these mountains have.
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