Business Plan For Starbucks Business

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1. Description of Business Starbucks buying and roasting high-quality coffees and then sell. They concentrate on sale of handcrafted coffee and tea beverages and other items like fresh food. Along with sale of coffee and teas Starbucks license their trademarks through license stores, grocery and national foodservice accounts. In this 10-K, Starbucks Corporation (together with its subsidiaries) is referred to as "Starbucks," the "Company," "we," "us" or "our." Starbucks has four reportable operating system which includes: • Americas: US, Canada, and Latin America • Europe, Middle East, and Africa • China/Asia Pacific • Channel Development. Also there are several non-reportable systems which includes Teavana, Seattle`s Best Coffee, Evolution Fresh, and Digital ventures business, which all together called as All other Segments. Unallocated corporate operating expenses are presented as a reconciling item between total segment operating results and consolidated financial results. Other details about Starbucks business are included in Note 16. 2. Principles of Consolidation The statements represent the financial and operating results of Starbucks, which include wholly-owned subsidiaries and investees that they control. Investments in entities that are not under Starbucks control, but under its influence are accounted for under the equity method. The other types of Investments in entities where Starbucks has no influence are accounted for under the cost method.

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