Business Plan For The Real Estate Industry

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My business plan is to one own and operate as a broker in the real estate industry along with purchasing tax certificates. This is a goals I have set to be full filled within the next two years. I do understand that in my state I need to become an agent first and follow the guidelines that the state has regulated for the industry. I am including a plan that one day I will place into effect in order to successfully run in the real estate industry. This is my broker’s plan and goals.
The startup costs.
To have a successful business in with the economy flipping around one needs to make sure they are prepared for as many scenarios as one can be. The first thing I would do when building my business plan is to decide how I want my associates to be paid. Will it be more beneficial for the business and the associates to be paid by commission or would paying them a desk fee work best. “Before you get started, first decide how to pay your agents. There are two models, known as “desk-fee” and “commission-split”, Farrell, 2007. I feel that, in the beginning, going with the commission route might be wiser, since you really are not sure what the first 5 years are going to be as far as the revenue part. Normally, a business will show no profit in the first 5 years. This is because you have to become a common name in the minds of the consumer, plus you need to build up your reputation.
I have prepared a plan that will portray what I believe to be the startup cost for a real…

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