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Business Marketing Plan for My Grocery Store
Bartholomew Albert


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1. Executive Summary 1.0 2. Company Description 0.5 3. Strategic Focus and Plan 1.0 a. Mission/Vision b. Goals c. Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage 4. Situation Analysis 1.0 a. SWOT analysis Internal Strengths and Weaknesses: Management, Offerings, Marketing, Personnel, Finance, Manufacturing, and Research and Development (R & D) External Opportunities and Threats: Consumer/Social, Economic, Technological, Competitive, and Legal/Regulatory b. Industry Analysis c. Competitor Analysis d. Company Analysis
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Those feeling the most pain from rising food prices were consumers in low-income nations where food purchases account for a very large portion of monthly household budgets. This is a threat to me because if people in my area don’t have a high paying job than they won’t be shopping with convince they well be shopping for price.
Demographics should be one of the first things that you take into consideration. Who are the people shopping in your store? Are they interested in buying organic foods? Study the buying habits and preferences of your customers. And, then give them what they want. In a grocery store you really cant base anything off of one customer. At a grocery store you have to look at every customer as an individual because they are all different. The top two influences that the consumers will choose my store over others is that I am offering online ordering with delivery. Also the other things that makes my business different than others is that I will have a variety of foods even from different cultures as well. These two things are amazing to have and not to many other companies offer that. I personally think that the ordering online and delivery is going to be a big hit because during the winter not many people want to get out of the house and this way they don’t have too. Also buy having different culture foods and needs in my store it will attract more customers and a variety of people.

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