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Myra A. Duke Business Plan Dr. Amona Washington Business Plan Draft September 14, 2015 Executive Summary Natural Vitality Energy Drink Sole purpose is to help increase the energy level of busy and athletic individuals in today’s society. With the busy lives of most people, we are all looking for a quick boost of energy to help get us through those last couple of hours at work or those late nights of cramming for a test, but we should take consider a healthy alternative to the popular energy drinks on the market today. Natural Vitality Energy Drink is for the health conscious individuals who are concerned with the ingredients that they consume. Natural Vitality Energy Drink, that is manufactured by Starrs to the Skye Manufacturing…show more content…
The price point of Natural Vitality will be in the range of $2.89-$2.99 for a 10oz can depending on the location. Mission Statement: We are dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to energy drinks while delivering the best merchandise, with natural ingredients, for optimal energy. Energy drinks are a growing commodity among individuals who desires a boost of energy for various reasons. In today's fast paced society, most people are looking for a way to increase endurance and stamina. Many suffer from a lack of energy to get them through daily responsibilities. This is why many have turned to energy drinks as a means for extra fuel. These quick pick-me-ups promise to give an energy boost that lasts for hours. Trends There are (3) reasons why I have chosen energy drinks as my NAB. First off, there is a growing market for energy drinks. Red Bull and Monster Beverage Corporation, together, form over 80% of domestic energy drinks volumes by estimates. Dollar sales for energy drinks grew almost 6% to $6.67 Billion in measured channels in 2013, which propelled sales growth for convenience stores (Team, 2014). A growing thirst for caffeinated “energy” drinks, which include the likes of Red Bull, Monster, and Rock star, has spurred a heart-thumping surge in sales. Globally, the energy drink industry has gone from a $3.8-billion business in 1999, to a $27.5-billion

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