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Fast ‘n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor 858 Success Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32211 904-555-1212(T)- 904-555-1211(F) Fast ‘n Fresh Ice Cream "Fast ‘n Fresh- - good for you!" Prepared By Daniel Beese Submitted To: Jacksonville National Bank 2461 Money avenue Jacksonville, FL 32224 Statement of Purpose The purpose of this business plan is to support a request for a 75,000 five-year bank loan to purchase equipment and inventory as part of the financing for a start-up sole proprietorship, Fast ‘n Fresh Premiun Ice Cream Parlor. The business will be owned by Daniel W. Beese and will be located in leased space at 858 Success Ave in the new Riverside Faire shopping center, Jacksonville, FL 32211. The owner will…show more content…
They do not sell sandwiches. The next competitor is La Petite Cafe. La Petite is another ice cream parlor, located one block over on Pine Avenue. Despite it's upscale name La petite only serves the low grade ice cream, unlike Fast ‘n Fresh which only serves premium. They sell shakes and no sandwiches. They also only sell sugar cones which might be a liability for their business. Teh last local competitor is Superior Flavors. Superior Flavors is a major national chain with four locations in Jacksonville, FL. The closest Superior Flavors is four miles away . Superior Flavors is well known for their creative yogurt and ice cream flavors. Their products are priced moderately and they do not serve sandwiches. Superior Flavors has a competitive advantage with it's name recognition. Fast ‘n Fresh has a advantage beacuse it offers sandwiches. Personnel The business will operate using local University, Community College, and high school students as it's principle employees. This will reflect a youthful, invigorating image consistent with its "Fast ‘n Fresh -- good for you!" slogan. The manager will be an experienced person from one of the owner's other businesses. A special employee benefit will be Fast ‘n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor scholarships covering tuition and books. This offer will only be good after employees complete the ninety day probation period. The majority of the employees will be part time with a full time

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