“Business Plan Part Iii – Business Initiative and Technology”

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Lykia Jones Assignment 3: “Business Plan Part III – Business Initiative and Technology” Bus510 Entrepreneurship & Innovation September 1, 2013 Analyze the options available for producing the product or service and evaluate which of the options you can take to streamline operations Each organization has many options to consider when it comes to producing their product or service. TalentSrch supplies their customers with onsite and offsite recruitment services. In order to produce this service it is very necessary for them to consider internal and external labor and the quality of the service that they provide. Internal and external labor is important to the life of any company. TalentSrch is a small organization that…show more content…
The sales person along with the CEO are responsible for bringing in new business and the administrative assistant is responsible for processing payroll, accounting functions and providing general administrative support. All other employees are hired on a contractual basis and are always billable to one or multiple clients. The recruiting and labor strategy for this company allows for low over head costs and high productivity. They strive to hire mid-senior level individuals that have the ability to please the clients they serve and support internal functions when needed. Everyone who is hired has to be a team player and be able to work toward the companies goals. Having the appropriate technologies are also important options to consider when providing recruitment services to outside companies. The goal of TalentSrch’s initiative is to offer consistent quality to their clients. This comes in the form of creating a great recruitment strategy and the use of internal and external online recourses to satisfy the client’s needs. TalentSrch uses several online sources to deliver their sources. Finding and attracting quality candidates is the key to the TalentSrch business model. In order to do that effectively the use of internal and external recruitment tools is needed. TalentSrch is able to use traditional sources such as Dice, CareerBuilder, Monster and Linked In to identify candidates. They also have a tool that no other company has, which is their internal

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