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Business Plan: Starting an Independent Record Label Introduction First of all I am setting down the employees of “Les Incompetents™”. There are three of us: The Label manager (who is responsible for running the label), an A&R (the talent scout who mentors the artist through to final recording) and a business developer (who is responsible for the business deals). Although every one of us has a specific title, being a small independent label, we all work on every issue. The funding of the label came from our personal funding (representing 85% of our funding). I, the head of the label brought 55% of the full funding, the two other equally brought 15% each of personal funding into the label. Three of our friends (5% each) came in…show more content…
The contract can be found at the end of the document, Appendix A. So we own the copyright in the recordings for a minimum of five (5) years. RECORDING The album will be recorded at Urchin Studios in London (, new studios since 2007, price remains affordable without letting go of the quality side. They are operating with Strokes producer Gordon Raphael. As past clients they have had Emmy The Great, Skin, Jeremy Warmsley, Transgressive Records. We will operate on a daily fee of £200 for a 9 hour day inclusive of all equipment and engineer; we have to look at “problems” such as overtime which will cost us £30 per hour or such as additional cost hours after 9pm which are at engineer 's discretion. It would be lovely to work in Pinna Studios ( but much more expensive. Lately these studios have seen the likes of the Kills, Razorlight, MTV, Endemol but the costs are much higher so they will be hopefully used as future reference. Just to se the differences, their daily rate is 350£ all services included but only for an eight hour day. Another solution would be recording the album in Paris as the Band is French at studioras ( They are a new studio and the daily costs would be 28O€ with engineer for an eight hour day which roughly represents 220£. I thought that recording was going to be much cheaper if done in France but after
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