Business Plan Sakae Sushi

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Table of Contents
Business Case Study: Sakae Sushi 2
I. Executive Summary 2
II. Overview of the Industry 2
III. Description of Company 3 1. Market / Product Positioning 4 2. Pricing 6 3. Customers 7 4. Market Size and Trends 7 5. Competition 8 6. Estimated Sales 9
IV. Sales Strategy 10 1. Methods of Sales 10 2. Advertising and Promotion 11
V. Business Development Status 12 1. Production Process 12 2. Cost of Development 13 3. Labour Requirements 14 4. Expenses and Capital Requirements 14
VI. Profile of Management Team Ownership 15 1. Board of Directors / Advisors 15 2. Support Services 18
VII. Financial Plan 19 1. Cashflow Statement 19 2. Balance Sheet 20 3. Income Statement 21 4. Funding
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Government and Industry Support
Both the government and the industry are working together to help the Singapore F&B sector build up its capabilities in R&D, efficiency, education, and the attraction and maintenance of talent. Some of the creativities undertaken to achieve these goals include: * The launch of the Food Import Regulations and Standards database Singapore food manufacturers now have a committed website for easier access to information on overseas food regulations and import requirements, thanks to a new database developed by SPRING Singapore’s Export Technical Assistance Centre (ETAC). The Food Import Regulations and Standards (FIRS) database is part of SPRING’s efforts to help exporters’ access overseas markets by providing them with information on standards, as well as technical and submission requirements that could pose obstacles to Singapore F&B exports. * The launch of the Customer-Centric Initiative for F&B sector The customer-centric initiative for the F&B sector has been launched by SPRING and the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) to help set a standard for service levels in the industry, so that the various establishments can have a guide as to what is acceptable and what is not. * The setting up of the Food Innovation and Resource Centre A joint initiative by SPRING and Singapore Polytechnic,

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