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Description of Business Yo-Good is one of four franchise options offered by ‘Fresh & Healthy Brands, LLC”, a corporation based in Burnaby, British Columbia (Serving Up Healthy Choices in New Franchise Opportunities, 2011). The company’s mission is to “offer a delicious and healthy combination of non-fat frozen yogurt with a dazzling variety of fresh toppings” (Yo-Good: Frozen Yogurt with an Important Difference, 2011) in an all-natural way without the use of artificial sweeteners. Our goal is to bring a Yo-Good franchise to the city of Halifax; a city that we believe is in dire need of great tasting healthy alternatives. The legal form of this business, therefore, would be a franchise. A franchise was chosen in lieu of the formation of…show more content…
A full menu would be more likely to attract a wider consumer base, and the larger space would help avoid visitor traffic as well as improve customer impressions. Although Yo-Good is advertised as a frozen-yogurt store, the products do not stop there... Name of Product Product Description Frozen Yogurt Non-fat frozen yogurt can be purchased in its plain form or flavoured, and can be adorned with a wide variety of toppings. Toppings include fresh fruit, almonds, coconut, chocolate chips, raisins, sweet sauces, honey, and granola. Yogurt can also be purchased in pre-determined combinations (for example, a ‘Mellow Mellow’ is made up of banana, pineapple, and white and red grapefruit flavoured frozen yogurt). Berry Coffees and other hot drinks Berry coffees are hot drinks that have a fruity flavour. Examples include Blue Berry Espresso and Raspberry Mocha. Regular hot beverages, such as hot chocolate, can also be purchased. Blended Smoothies Yo-Good’s smoothies are called ‘Blenz’, and are made of non-fat frozen yogurt and other ingredients (berries, fruit, green tea, mint leaves, chocolate, coffee, etc.) Iced Tea Mix 17 different flavours of iced tea are available, including strawberry, vanilla, and almond. Crepes All crepes are considered healthy and are filled with fruit and are covered in caramel, chocolate

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