Business Plan and Market Strategy

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Business plan

Market Strategy
The main objective and focus of our marketing strategy is to relay the information concerning the unique variety of products and services that we shall be offering to our customers. In that regard, our marketing strategies are established in view of the need to ensure customer satisfaction and ensure that they get the true value for their money. The strategy will also facilitate the communication of our core brand values and to ensure a tight and close working relationship with our suppliers and clients. At the core our strategies is the aspect of product differentiation and growth. Growth shall be ensured by the focusing on new markets both within and outside the local environment. Market differentiation becomes important in this industry considering the imperatives of quality and customer-centric nature with respect to attracting new guests to the hotel ADDIN EN.CITE Hallock2009161(Hallock, 2009)1611616Hallock, M.Hotel accounting2009Chandni Chowk, DelhiGlobal Media( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Hallock, 2009 #161" Hallock, 2009).

The marketing strategy is further based on ensuring the business becomes the destination for many international students who come to the UK every year in pursuit of further studies. It will meet the demands of those who look for quality amid the need to minimise their costs. The Hotel will therefore use several media and avenues in order to advertise itself. The Yellow pages will be adequately used in marketing
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