Business Plan for Bus Services Company

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Wise Choice Tours and Bus Services The Company
Wise Choice Tours and Bus Services (WCTBS) is a new sightseeing company in its formative stages. It is owned and managed by entrepreneur Michael Miles. The company is located in the capital city of Georgetown. It is being organized to take advantage of a specific gap in the local sightseeing tour market. The gap exists in high quality, reasonably priced sightseeing tours in the nation's capital away from the city centre, indicating that a new entrant tour company could be expected to capture a significant portion of the current sightseeing tour market.

The Company's Mission
WCTBS’ mission is to provide safe, reliable and fun sightseeing tours and bus services to our
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Information Technology
WCTBS will use information technology to reduce staffing and other operational cost; expand the potential market base; readily capture sales opportunities; and enhance customer convenience and satisfaction.

Marketing and Sales Strategy
WCTBS will develop a message that touring with us is fun and we will project that message over the airwaves and in print (Kotler, et al, 2013, p. 26). We will kick off our message using 94.1 Boom FM radio as well as hosting parties for certain tour association decision makers and the media. We plan a pre-opening marketing budget of $550,000. As we profit, we will spend about 1% of gross revenues on advertisement and marketing. We will also distribute survey cards to assess what we are doing right and identify what we are doing wrong.

The Competition
Our main competitors in the Guyanese sightseeing market are:
1. Knight Rider Bus Service: This Company is based at Georgetown and is in existence for over 18 years. They pride themselves (Knight Rider Bus Service, 2014)
2. Dagron Tours: This is a global company with offices and tours around the world. Dagron Tours contracts out its services to local bus lines and runs multiple tours. They also run day tours to historic sights and resorts. (Dagron Tours, 2014)
3. Guy-Braz Tours: This is a local company that runs a 30-passenger bus tours to Brazil from Guyana overland using the Lethem trail. Their package includes executive-styled
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