Business Plan for Cpap Machines

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Introduction:- We stand to prepare a business plan but not only with one motive but do consider encompassing all the aspects, be it people, profit and planet. The sleep apnoea disease is spreading like a fire in all the parts of the world. People are ignorant about it as they do not understand the facets of this ailment and its health worries. The silent disease has rooted itself in many individuals and the awareness is bleak. Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea:- 1. People sleep while driving 2. Patients snore a loud while sleeping 3. People complaint about breathing while sleeping 4. People doze off whenever they sit ideal 5. People are lethargic all day. Executive Summary:- The sleep apnoea disease has been triggered in the lots of…show more content…
With help of permission from the government use display boards beneath the road traffic, signals, parking signals. Display board saying “Do you sleep while you drive, get a health check done” 5. Telecast television shows with eminent “Doctors” to educate the people about this disease. 6. Hold drama shows in local parlance to make them understand the ailment of sleep apnoea and how it can be cured. 7. Put in our stall of the product in doctor’s meeting to increase the awareness amongst medical professionals. 8. Tie up with radio stations like radio mirchi for the sleep apnoea quiz at 7:00 to 8:00 pm every Monday for a month. 9. We will the advertise the location that have our product available in terms of pharmaceutical shops and hospitals. Segment:- The people who are suffering from Sleep Apnoea are:- 1. Of age group 30-60 years old 2. These are working professionals Inventory:- Serial No Components Cost/Unit Life Warranty 1. I/O Unit 550 5 Yrs 2. Pressure Sensors 5000 5 Yrs 3. Control Pad 1000 5yrs 4. Motor Control Circuitry 10000 10 Yrs 5. Mask 4000 1 Yr 6. Miscellaneous(Packaging an all) 500 TOTAL COST 21050 Machinery/Place for manufacturing (Fixed costs) S. No. Different M/Cs, Expenses Cost 1. Plastic cover manufacturing machine INR 1 lakh 2. Assembling Machine INR 3 lakh 3. Packaging Machine INR 1.5 lakh 4. Industry rent + Capitation
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