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MODERN LIFESTYLE ACCESSORIES BUSINESS PLAN 2012 Page | 1 TABLE OF CONTENT CONTENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION Business Overview Vision & Mission SWOT Segmentation Targeting Logo Philosophy Organizational Chart Provision of Working Division Current Market Situation and Future Potential Opportunity MARKETING ANALYSIS Market Analysis Primary Data& Secondary Data Questionnaire Result Interview Market Analysis Finding Competition Positioning (Direct and Indirect) Key to Success MARKETING MIX Pricing Price Range Pricing Strategy Novita Setiawan Novita Setiawan 46 49 Novita Setiawan 43 Kartika Sie Kartika Sie Kartika Sie Valencia Arifin Kartika Sie Novita Setiawan Kartika Sie Novita Setiawan 21 22 24 30 32 33 34 38 Novita Setiawan…show more content…
INCASE marketing mix explains about our collection, theme concept and the collection itself, pricing strategy; promotional plans; and INCASE store planning. Both financial and production plan of INCASE fall winter collection would clearly explain, including the selling cycle, delivery schedule and purchased plan. Supplier list and sample of questioner would attach in the appendix. Finally, by this business plan, we believe INCASE could achieve our biggest goal to be the top of mind for lifestyle accessories and being in our everyday living. BUSINESS PLAN 2012 Page | 5 INTRODUCTION (PEMBATAS 1 A) BUSINESS PLAN 2012 Page | 6 BUSINESS OVERVIEW In this modern era, everybody needs to be online 24/7; gadgets have become their needs to complete their lifestyle. Technology oriented becomes people prior attraction in Indonesia although the available gadget accessories in the market today are very limited. They only support for selected market segment, they only focus functional. Therefore we come up with lifestyle accessories that can fulfill their functional and fashionable. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering fashionable design, increased flexibility, and greater value while optimizing functionality. INCASE’s main focus is to deliver high-grade clutches and carrying cases that are both versatile and fashionable. INCASE has the concept of clean cut with exclusivity of each
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