Business Plan for Opentable - an Online Restaurant Reservation System

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BUSINESS PLAN FOR OPENTABLE AN ONLINE RESTAURANT RESERVATION SYSTEM PRESENTED TO: MICHAEL LANE PREPARED BY: MUHAMMAD BILAL STUDENT ID: 10268/0050092717 EMAIL: Date: 05th June 2010 Word count: 5009 excluding Executive Summary, References & Annotated Bibliography. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since 1999 OpenTable has been transforming the way restaurants manage their operations and diners make restaurant reservations, before OpenTable started all the restaurants were managing their operations and reservations via pen and paper book. This was not only cumbersome and inefficient, but it also prevented restaurants from making their table and inventory available online, the only way for diners to make a…show more content…
Based on the analysis of the report it’s recommended that they should not only redesign their website with mobile support but they should also embed each and every piece of information about the restaurants including parking space, online menu, GIS route and customer feedbacks and comments as well for one to select the best place as per their preference. Going global has some challenges which should be coped in a better and efficient way to avoid conflicts and exertion and the best solution is to create a medium sized team from the respective country to make sure that business operations run smoothly and outsource most of the ICT infrastructure to get the state-of-art solution. Opentable should have to be very careful with the legal and ethical issues of the respective countries which include the security of personal information of the consumers and it is also recommended that they should hire an attorney to ensure that material on their website is absolutely legal and should be in direct contact with the senior management. TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 1. INTRODUCTION 6 1.1 REVENUE SOURCES 6 2. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 7 2.1 Company Analysis 8 2.2 Value Proposition 9 2.3 Company Core Competency 10 2.4 Market Analysis and trends 11 2.4.1 OpenTable SWOT Analysis 12 2.5 PORTER’S COMPETITIVE FORCES MODEL 13 2.6 INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGES 14 2.6.1 CORE BUSINESS PROCESS AND

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