Business Plan for Point Footwear Manufacturing & Distribution

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Yangon Institute of Economics
Department of Management Studies
MBA Programme

Business Plan for
POINT footwear manufacturing and distribution

Submitted by : Nay Zar Myo
Roll No : 36
15th Batch MBA

Plan Outline
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Summary
3. Products
4. Market Analysis Summary
i. Market Segmentation ii. Distribution Strategy iii. Market Trends

5. Competition and Buying Patterns Competitive Edge
6. Strategy and Implementation Summary Sales Strategy
7. Management Summary
8. Financial Plan
i. Important Assumptions ii. Break-even Analysis iii. Projected Profit and Loss iv. Projected Cash Flow
v. Projected Balance Sheet vi. Business Ratios

1. Executive Summary
POINT is a recent start-up manufacturer of an
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Point’s products will be priced at the reasonable, relatively low (LOW COST STRATEGY) in contrast with Foreign footwear Brands to substitute its market and to reflect the quality and exclusiveness (DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGY) associated with the brand among other local Brands. The company will use high-end materials such as velvet, PVC, Insole, a wool blend, accessories and high gauge denim. When a mark up is placed on POINT products, customers are willing to buy the products because of the perceived value, design and quality guarantee that comes with all products. The POINT line is targeted at females between the ages of 16 and 65.

4. Market Analysis Summary
Market Description
Footwear sales are driven by economic conditions, demographic trends, and pricing. Fashion, while important for an individual company, plays a limited role in overall market demand. Sales of footwear at the retail
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